Poplars and Penmen is welcoming both guests and members at present.  Our aim is to build a small, dynamic group that revels in each others successes, encourages each other to grow and challenges each other to broaden their horizons.
We are an energized group with big dreams and big ideas and thrive on interactive company.

To Be Our Guest:

Please contact Lisa North via email to confirm dates and times of our next meet and to organise receipt of your ‘Welcome Package’. The groups email is below.

To Become a Member:

First, you need to attend one to three meets as a guest. This is to ensure you like us and visa versa. 🙂 Our group’s intention is high energy with a focus on forward momentum and commitment. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 🙂  Once you are certain our group is exactly what you’re looking for you will be asked to fill in our Writer’s Group Application Form which will be presented to and voted on by all members.

To contact Poplars and Penmen:

e:  poplars.penmen@gmail.com

Please address all correspondence to Lisa North, our current Administrator.  Alternatively, you may contact her on 0404366784.